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This is my classically formatted, oldschool static website. I update it whenever there is something that I think I can add to the 'net. The wisdom on these pages hopefully doesn't deprecate too badly and that's a good thing because I don't have time to generate a steady stream of useful tidbits for you to read. You're supposed to find this page on Google, get something out of it, and go away until Google brings you back one day.

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About Me

My hobbies and interests range from programming to video games to playing music to photography, and from time to time, I am guessing I will update this page with tidbits of wisdom that are hard to find elsewhere on the web in hopes that people will benefit from lessons I've learned.

Currently, I am programming away in relative secrecy on an independent project under the label Frogtoss Games. We hope to talk more about our project later this year.