# Home page of Michael Labbe # Last updated 2022/12/08 I'm Michael Labbe, a programmer who lives in **Vancouver, British Columbia**. I work on systems technology, games and online services. I run the consulting company [Frogtoss Games](https://www.frogtoss.com) which provides software engineering solutions to game teams. - My [Company](https://www.frogtoss.com), which I do all business through - My [Github](https://github.com/mlabbe) - nativefiledialog: a public domain file/open save dialog tool - My [Twitter](https://www.twitter.com/frogtoss) - My [Mastodon](https://mastodon.gamedev.place/@michaellabbe) - My [Blog](https://www.frogtoss.com/labs) - My [Interactive Notebook](https://www.michaellabbe.com/notebook)